Tuesday, December 20, 2005

Post for December 20th 2005

I didn't goto workout today...I will be there tomorrow.

In any event I've been working hard trying to document all of my calories and nutritional information. Since alot of the packaging for foods comes with Nutritional Information these days - I thought it would be neat to document this , just to see how well or how poorly I'm doing. Of course that means I need to keep everything that I eat tracked, sometimes digging through the trash to document something I threw away. To start off with it is a little bit of a pain. I didn't really have a firm idea of how I wanted the data to be represented and what kinds of information I wanted to track. I believe that I now have a good starting point and will be adding more tables as time and energy allow.

I am currently entering everything into an access database which will soon be in a SQL Database once I finalize the schema. At which point I will try to create a web application to aid in data entry & analysis.

Based on some queries that I ran today on my diet entry I was at a 997 Caloric Intake. This is probably higher since I don't have all calorie information. If you want a copy of this database let me know.


Blogger Gray's Matter said...

I do! This sounds awesome, man!

BTW, that is a pretty good caloric intake for dieting, I think.

7:27 PM  

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