Thursday, January 05, 2006

Update January 04 2006

- Burned 330 calories on the cross trainer (~30minutes)
- 120 repititions @ 60lbs on the abdominal isolator

Total time spent at the gym is roughly 1 hour.

I would like to goto the New NorthEast club fit this Friday just to have a look and see if they have any new kinds of equipment. I have been to all of the locations in Edmonton and everything is pretty much the same. The NorthWest location is big and so it has some older equipment on the upper level.

The only problem with the northwest location is that it is pretty busy at 10:00pm. Since it is open 24hours I am guessing it gets the additional traffic. I will no doubt stick to the west end location as it is dead around closing time.


1 Banana
1 Manderine
1 Package of Oatmeal
6 Skewers of Chicken breast

1 Plate of Rice with lentil soup (dal)
1 Roti and some chicken


Anonymous Justice said...

You are a man possessed!!!

Nice job!

Give me a call when you want to check out the Northeast club and I will go with you!

10:59 PM  

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